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Senior Web Developer

As a web technology enthusiast, and with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, I like to spend time creating web applications for both professional and personal use.

With both technical and commercial experience and training, I am used to take into consideration all aspects of a project so as to always keep a clear view of the objectives.

Thanks to my entrepreneurial spirit, I have always been able to overcome any difficulties and challenges that have arisen during my web projects.

I'm currently working at (Melbourne) under the 457 VISA as a Senior Web Developer, Data analyst...

Technical Expertise

Programming Languages / Technologies

PHP 4 / PHP 5 Confirmed
Symfony2 Framework Confirmed
Javascript Confirmed
Ajax Confirmed
Json Confirmed
XML / HTML / CSS Confirmed
SQL / DQL Confirmed
Yaml Confirmed
Doctrine 2 Confirmed
PHPUnit Advanced
GIT / SVN Advanced
Java Scolary

Search Engine

Elastic Search


Jquery / Jquery UI
Bootstrap Twitter

Management skills

Project management
Code review



Template Engine






Operating systems/platforms

Unix/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu)
Mac OS
Windows 98 → Windows 7


Photoshop / Gimp
Eclipse / Netbeans
MS OFFICE / LibreOffice

Administration (Ubuntu-Linux)

Iptables / Fail2ban

Development methodologies

Design pattern
Agile software development
Extreme Programming

Areas of Expertise

  • Event management (online support)
  • Technical environment of accountants and accounting firms
  • High-traffic E-commerce websites (up to 3 Million visitors / month,
  • Management solutions for data dematerialisation (EDI) and E-transaction processing solutions


  • French (Mother tongue)
  • English (Professional terms)


  • 2005 → 2007 Project manager in information systems (Bachelor's Degree) – Esimed / Marseille (France)
  • 2003 → 2005 BTS Computer and network for industry (Associate Degree) – Lycées Vauvenargues / Aix-en-Provence (France)

Interest and special achievements

  • New technology, Science of astronomy, Squash, Music, Live Music, Movies, Series, Poker, Video Games.


  • is a web application designed for event management including administration and management of their online points of sale. Webdesign (HTML & CSS) by Jérôme Liveneau

  • Esystema suite is a collection of web applications dedicated for accounting firms to unify user inputs and streamline processes.

  • Work in different e-commerce websites.

  • Creatoke is an e-commerce website selling original music copyright.

  • Home Page
  • Register Page
  • Actuality Page
  • Usual points of sale Management
  • Profile Page
  • Event Page
  • Information on demand
  • Information on demand
  • Information on demand
  • Information on demand
  • Information on demand
  • Information on demand
  • Ajax autocomplete using Elastic Search
  • Dynamic Ajax based menu using the Jquery library to use Elastic Search filter on results
  • Customised Prestashop, Configurator for rolling shutters
  • Customised Prestashop, Configurator for rolling shutters
  • Customised Prestashop, upscale jewels from a young designer
  • Customised Prestashop, upscale jewels from a young designer
  • Customised Prestashop, upscale jewels from a young designer
  • Home Page
  • Song Page including Paypal Payment
  • Responsive Design
  • Admin Interface to manage songs and payment transactions
  • Manage Songs Page using Cleditor


Esystema - Lead Developer

07/2012 → 04/2013

Web agency specialising in website and web application development for accounting firms.

Personal mission:

Developing a collection of web applications that unifies user input and streamlines processes for accounting firms.

  • Project management: Gantt, Planning, issues, code review and Git repository
  • Team management (three in-house developers, four remote developers)
  • Technical and functional analysis
  • System requirements
  • Data modelling, database design with UML
Technologies / Skills used:

Project management, development with Symfony2 Framework and bootstrap twitter in a server environment with ngix, Apache, Varnish, Memcache, PostgreSQL and all tests with PHPUnit. HTML5 & CSS, PHP 5, Doctrine2, Ajax, SQL, DQL, Twig, Jquery, Jquery UI, Datatables, Git. - Developer

04/2012 → 07/2012

E-commerce website selling branded clothes and apparel (up to three million visitors a month).

Personal mission:

Implementation of the website’s search engine to accommodate growing traffic: develop back-end scripts to interface with an ElasticSearch engine (data extraction and periodic database updates) development of front-end menus (dynamic Ajax-based menus using the Jquery library to filter database results).

  • Work environment analysis
  • Existing database analysis
  • System requirements
  • Implementation of the entire project
Technologies / Skills used:

ElasticSearch ('Flexible and powerful open source, distributed real-time search and analytics engine for the cloud'). Elastica (PHP Client for ElasticSearch), HTML & CSS, PHP, Ajax, SQL, Jquery, Jquery UI, SVN.

Maprog - Co-founder & CTO

01/2011 → Present

First entrepreneurial experience, web application for live performance producers.

Personal mission:

Developing two web applications dedicated to live performance producers on one side ( and consumers on the other (

  • Technical & functional analysis
  • System requirements
  • Data modelling, database design with UML
  • Development tools and technology selection
  • Website development (both and
Technologies / Skills used:

Project modelling, HTML5 & CSS, PHP 5 with Symfony2 Framework, Doctrine2, PhpUnit, Ajax, SQL, DQL, Twig, Bootstrap Twitter, Jquery, Jquery UI, Datatables, Git, high-volume xml files treatment, administration server : Apache, MySQL, Memcache, GIT, Iptables / fail2ban, crontab.

Enovacom - Sales engineer

06/2009 → 12/2010

Company offering interoperability and security for healthcare information systems (SAAS or software).

Personal mission:

Commercial development of a suite of software products in a new market (real estate agency).

  • Implementation of the offer
  • Development of communication plans
  • Telemarketing
  • Taking appointments
  • Drafting of commercial offers
  • Responses to tenders
  • Customer visit all over France
  • Participation in a trade show

Korigan - Manager

08/2008 → 06/2009

Concert hall

Personal mission:

Events manager of a concert hall and management of a band of musicians seeking labels, promotions, communication, etc.

  • Flyer creation (Photoshop)
  • Website creation (HTML, CSS, PHP)
  • Planning agenda of concert hall
  • Animation on social network Myspace

Telecom Italia - Developer

12/2007 → 08/2008

Sizable company, internet service provider

Personal mission:

Setting up an Intranet interface for the human resources department.

Technologies / Skills used:
  • Technical & functional analysis
  • System requirements
  • Data modelling
  • Choice of development tools and technology.
  • Development of the project based on Zend Framework

Vedalis - Developer

11/2005 → 11/2007

Company proposing social knowledge management solutions

Personal mission:
  • Participation in the development of a testing platform Java / J2EE.
  • Development of an internal CMS based on Dotclear.
Technologies / Skills used:

HTML & CSS, Javascript, PHP, Java / J2EE, PhpUnit, Ajax, server administration (Windows) : Apache, MySQL

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